Delhi Pollution: 1 in 3 school going children suffer from respiratory diseases

Delhi pollution: As soon as the cold hits, the air in Delhi also starts to get polluted. Throughout the year, the people of Delhi struggle with pollution problems. Today, according to a study, 1 in 3 school children in the capital Delhi suffers from respiratory problems (Delhi Pollution). One in three children in Delhi suffers from asthma or respiratory problems.

According to a study by Journal Loong India, 29% of children in Delhi suffer from asthma or respiratory problems. Of these, only 12 percent had pre-existing asthma and 3 percent used some kind of inhaler. This study was carried out in Delhi as well as in Kotayam and Mysuru, where children in Delhi have more breathing problems.

Not only that, obesity is also a big problem among Delhi children. Obesity problems have been found in 40 percent of children in Delhi, while only 16 percent of children in Kotayam and Mysuru have this problem. In this study, 4,361 children were included, whose ages were 13-14 years and 16-17 years. Children from 12 private schools were included in this study, including 3 schools in Delhi, 3 in Mysuru and 6 in Kotayam.

On this study, Sandeep Nair, respiratory specialist from BL Kapoor, Delhi, says pollution in Delhi is the main reason. The air in Delhi has turned toxic. In such situation, respiratory illnesses have also increased among Delhi children. In their own patients, children now have more breathing problems than ever before.

Corona and pollution together become a big problem. With the increase in pollution, the possibility of increasing cases of corona also increases. In such a situation, the administration will have to take measures to reduce the pollution. He further says that if it is not necessary, the children should be out of the house less often. In addition, exercise should be done daily. Spend most of your time in clean air.

Pollution becomes the main cause of respiratory diseases in children, in such a situation, due to the increase of cold, pollution can increase even more. The administration needs to take concrete measures to resolve the pollution problems.

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