Deaths: 7 times more deaths than Corona in country?

The Union Health Ministry said: “States consistently reported low numbers of daily deaths. They were asked to double-check the numbers. One such case is in Bihar state where the central government asked the district health ministry to provide revised death figures along with the date.
New Delhi: The central government denied news that claimed the country’s corona death toll was “five to seven times” higher than official figures. The government has said that this report is completely false and baseless. It was published without any verifiable evidence.

The Union Health Ministry issued a statement condemning the publisher for publishing the article without naming it. In which it was claimed that Kovid deaths in India are five to seven times higher than official figures. In addition, the ministry cited several reasons why the study used by the publisher is not trustworthy.

Reason- 1

The ministry said the study used in the journal to estimate deaths is not a valid method of knowing the death rate for a country or region.

Reason – 2

The ministry said that this research paper was searched the internet in scientific databases such as PubMed, Research Gate, etc.

Further evidence has been provided that this study was conducted on the basis of insurance claims in Telangana, but again, the scientific data reviewed does not relate to such a study, the statement said.


The The statement drew on two other studies conducted by the electoral analysis group “Prashanam” and “C Voter”, which are known to predict and analyze election results. He has never been involved in public health research. Even in their own field of electoral analysis, the methodology used to predict the results sometimes turns out to be flawed.


The said, “The magazine itself admitted that” this estimate is based on an assessment of vague and even unreliable local government data, corporate records, and that such analysis is an obituary. “

The ministry said the government is transparent about the management of Kovid data. To avoid discrepancies in the number of deaths, the ICMR had issued guidelines in May 2020. In order to accurately record all deaths, the ICD-10 code recommended by the WHO was followed.

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