Deadline for waiving off condonation fees extended by ICAI

Due to the current situation throughout India created by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has extended the deadline for waiving off condonation fees related to the late submission of various applications. ICAI made the announcement on April 26 stating that due to the current situation, some students and professional assistants are having difficulty completing the application forms and can now transfer money by June 30. Previously the last day was March 31.

ICAI said all transaction dates falling between April 1, 2020 and June 30 would be considered as cancellation of fees related to the late submission of various applications. “This period includes a time limit of one month given normally,” the center said.

The institute noted that due to the current situation from Covid-19, some of the authorized students / assistants still face difficulties in fileing online application forms for various applications. He added that students were experiencing difficulties while filing Form 102/103 for the registration of the article “due to non-availability of non-judgmental stamp papers, Form 112 seeking permission to take another course due to the closure of educational institutions, etc.”

As a result of delays in the online submission of application forms inviting Condonation’s financial tax under the relevant provisions of the Act, ICAI has observed.

ICAI CCM Dhiraj Khandelwal said the right decision regarding future CA exams is likely to be taken by the end of April this year. He said the center had already noted the status of COVID-19 and “appropriate decisions” would be taken by the end of this month.

ICAI has already started registering for the June CA Foundation exams and students can submit their forms to on or before May 4th.

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