Covid positive mother be kept away from newborn baby?

Covid positive mother-The newborn should not be away from the mother during the corona period. Doctors say the child should not be taken from the mother in the event of corona. It’s quite a myth. Experts believe that skin-to-skin contact between mother and child is very effective for the health of the child.

The biggest concern remains babies born in the Korna (neonatal) period. People think the child shouldn’t get a corona infection. Therefore, when babies are born, the children are taken away from the mother. If the mother becomes corona positive at the time of delivery, then the mother is not allowed to touch her newborn at any cost. But these are all old things.

Covid positive mother- Now doctors say removing corona positive mother from children is just a myth. Therefore, newborns should not be taken from the mother. Experts believe breast milk is the most potent thing for newborns, which creates immunity against Covid-19 and other infections in children.

The child needs kangaroo care even during the corona period,
According to the WHO, the World Health Organization, newborn babies need kangaroo mother care the most. Especially the child whose weight is less than 2 kg, he is in urgent need of Kangaroo Mother Care. Mother kangaroo care is like a kangaroo suckling her baby in a pouch made in the stomach.

Experts believe that skin-to-skin contact between mother and child is very effective for the health of the child. If the mother keeps her newborn baby close to the breast, it gives warmth to the child and gives another feeling of affection to the mother. For this reason, even if an infection occurs in the child, the immune system develops inside the child due to the energy of the mother.

The mother should not be far from the child
Experts believe that even in Kovid’s time, the mother should not be taken from the child. Doctors say that if the mother is taken away from the child, the risk of Kovid-19 or other infection in the child increases significantly. And if the mother is deprived of milk, then in this situation the child begins to develop more risks. In the opinion of experts, breast milk is the only thing that can protect against any type of infection.

The WHO quoted Lancet EclinicalMedicine as saying that close contact with parents (skin-to-skin contact) ensures the safety of the child. But in many countries, once the mother becomes positive for Kovid, she is separated from the child. It is therefore advisable that even if the mother is positive for Covid, her skin-to-skin contact is necessary after the birth of the child. It has been found in many studies that even if the mother becomes HIV positive, only a child becomes infected. Covid positive mother…

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