Clubhouse Android Beta Coming to India, Worldwide on May 21st

Clubhouse has announced its timeline for the beta release of the Android app in many countries including India. The app, which has been available on iOS for over a year, has been tested in beta on Android since early May but only in the US. Developers have shared it will travel to Brazil, Japan and Russia today (May 18), and will enter India and Nigeria on Friday (May 21) morning.

Clubhouse is a social networking site that only gained popularity earlier this year when well-known millionaire Elon Musk and others appeared on audio interviews.

Clubhouse began testing the beta of its Android system in the US in the first week of May with a limited number of testers. About a week later, the public beta of the Android app in the country was launched.

Now, the developers have shared a tweet that the app is coming to the world at specific times for countries including Brazil, India, Japan, Nigeria and Russia.

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Android releases will continue throughout the week and Clubhouse will be available worldwide on Friday afternoon, as a tweet. It should be noted that this will be the Club’s public beta. The stable Android version of the app has not yet been announced.

Since the popularity of Clubhouse has grown exponentially after Elon Musk and other celebrities appeared in interviews on the app, other social media platforms have been trying to make their own Clubhouse brands.

Social media services such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Reddit, among others, have already launched their rival programs. Twitter introduced Twitter posts, Discord launched its Stage Channel, Instagram has its own live rooms, Reddit introduced Reddit Talk, Telegram introduced Voice Chats 2.0.

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In addition to these competing apps, Facebook and LinkedIn are working to roll out their alternatives. Meanwhile, Mark Cuban’s chat and podcasting app is expected to launch soon.

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