Central Board of Secondary Education: Application period for additional subjects reduced, not allowed for practical subjects

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education has reduced the time required to apply for additional subjects from six years to two years after passing the main examination. The students cannot apply for the subjects that have practical examinations.

Earlier, the students may apply for additional courses up to six years from the relevant examination. The exam committee later held a meeting on December 15, at which it decided to reduce the number of years students could apply for additional courses.

The CBSE students will be have to follow the changes made from this year onwards.

Recently, CBSE also allowed Class 10 and Grade 12 students to reappear in their performance improvement tests in only one subject the following year in which they appeared. The one with better marks will be considered out of the two scores to get the final results.

Before these changes, the candidates had to wait a year or so for a progress test. They will have to sit down with other students who will be seen next year to try out the improvement tests. The new law will eliminate the need to wait a year for the compartment exams.

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The board has made these changes in accordance with the National Education Policy which promotes the idea of ​​giving students more opportunities to improve their performance.

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