CBSE Board Examinations: Changes regarding compartment exam, improvement allowed in one subject only

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made changes to the option to apply for compartment exam for Class 10 and Grade 12 students. Students will be allowed to improve their performance in only one subject. The compartment exam will be held immediately after the main test.

CBSE will process the best marks in the final results. Students who will improve their performance will be provided with an integrated marking sheet.

The students who wish to reappear in more than two subjects, they will have to follow the new guidelines issued by the CBSE on improvement tests. They will not have to wait a whole year for re-examination.

These changes have been introduced in line with the National Education Policy 2020.

Before these changes, the candidates had to wait a year or so for a progress test. They will have to sit down with other students who will be seen next year to try out the improvement tests. The new law will eliminate the need to wait a year for the compartment exams.

As soon as the compartment exams will be over, CBSE will compare the scores of both major tests and compartment tests and deliver the result with best one out of the two.

Under current rules, a Class 10 student who obtained Grade D in five subjects under Scholastic Area A and a qualifying grade sheet cum certificate in a high school examination will be allowed to re-appear in the exam to improve their grades.

A Class 12 student is allowed to appear in compartment exams only if they have not continued their higher education such as joining colleges or universities.

Earlier, those who used to appear in improvement tests were only given a mark statement indicating improvement in their performance while the sheets would still show old marks.

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