BTS Renewal, April 30, Friday: New Track ‘Butter’ Comes This May & ARMY Can’t Wait

While the new BTS ‘Butter’ track is coming in May, the most exciting thing about it is not only ARMY but also Amul and India. BTS Update, April 30, Friday: Here we also have daily updates of your favorite K-pop band. While BTS’s new track ‘Butter’ is coming up in May, what excites me most is not only ARMY but also Amul and India as well.

BTS Renewal, April 30, Friday: New ‘Butter’ Coming in May
Your favorite K-pop band comes with a new track ‘Butter’ which will be released on May 21. This will be the English band’s second song after last year’s mega hit, Dynamite. a long video trailer for ‘Butter’. The video shows the melting butter of an hour. After this melting butter, one can hear certain sounds including kitchen noises.

The video has already received over 12 million views on YouTube. Apart from this, BTS also uses a platform called to promote the song. This site offers BTS fans (also known as its ARMY) to create their own butter cards. All you have to do is fill in your name, city and country on the form.

BTS Renewal, April 30, Friday: Amul In India Delighted With BTS ‘New Single
Amul released a new BTS art with his upcoming new music and put it in the words, “BeaTS other Butters! K-Pop it on bread!”

The article was shared on social media by Amul and was titled, “#Amul Topical: Korean Group announces one ‘Butter’! “BTS fans in India love this article. They took it to the comments section of Amul’s post expressing excitement. Fans also asked Amul to work with BTS. One of the fans wrote, ‘ of India. ”’

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