Bihar Board 2021: Class 12th Result announced, Girls performance better than boys, Overall passing percentage decreased

Bihar: It was a matter of celebrations as the result of the Bihar Board of Secondary Education (BSEB) became the first education board to consecutively the third year in a row to announce the result, but the number of students passing the Bihar Board inter exam has decreased this year.

Last year, 80.44 percent of the 12 students who had registered for the exam had passed. This year, the pass percentage dropped to 78.04 percent. Girls are better than the male students. Of the total number of female students who would write the exam, 80.57 percent canceled while for boys the pass rate was 75.71 percent.

Even the top riders of all three streams are female candidates. In the arts stream, Madhu Bharti and Kailash Kumar together reached 463 marks. In commerce, Sugandha Kumari received the highest mark with 471 marks. MD Chand from Kishanganj missed the record with just one mark in commerce. In the Science stream, Sonali Kumari won the position with 471 marks.

Among the students who canceled the test, more than 4.4 lakh students obtained the first grade by 2020. This dropped significantly and 3,61,597 students got first grade and 542993 students passed second and 1,41,352 passed Bihar Board Intermediate exams in third grade.

Result analysis (Stream wise)

In the science stream, a total of 5,39,131 participants were 3,68,511 boys and 1,70,620 were girls. In the science category, as many as 2,14,657 received the first category, 1,88,574 second and 8036 third. The total percentage of scientific stream is 76.28 percent.

In the BSEB 2021 trade results, a total of 73,901 emerged. In total, 48 441 candidates were elected and 25460 were women candidates. A total of 37,258 students from the stream passed the first phase and 24 242 second and 6 106 third in the third phase. A total of 67,606 students passed the BSEB Inter commercial exam. The stream crossing percentage is 91.48 percent.

In the Bihar Board’s mid-term test for art stream of the 12th class, a total of 7,26,716 students appeared. Of these 2,79,312 were male and female students of 4,47,404. In a total of 7.26 lakh, 1,09,530 passed in the first round and 3,29,926 passed in the second round. A total of 1,27,194 students passed the third grade. A total of 5,66,650 students passed the BSEB examination in the medium of arts stream. The pass rate for this category was 77.97 percent.

Record result in 41 days

More than 13.5 lakh students who registered for the exam can view their results on the official website The board completed the tests on February 13 and announced the results on March 26, within 41 days.

Applicants will need their registration details such as roll number and date of birth to obtain Bihar Board results. A pass certificate and mark will be issued to students at their schools.

Students who are dissatisfied with their marks may apply for a review of the answer sheets. The Board will open a review window on its official website shortly. Those who do not qualify for the Class 12 examination will have the opportunity to appear in the class examination.

Last year’s toppers

Last year, in Science stream, Neha Kumari set herself a top spot by scoring 476 out of 500 marks. In commerce stream, Kausar Fatma and Sudhanshu Narayan Choudhary came up with 476 marks and Sakshy Kumari was on art stream with 474 marks.

By 2019, 79.76 percent of students had passed the Bihar Board Class 12 examination. In the Science stream, there were to toppers — Rohini Prakash and Pawan Kumar. Both scored 473 marks. Two of the contestants were leading in the arts, Rohini Rani and Manish Kumar – with 92.6 percent and 463 marks. Satyam Kumar was at the top of the commerce stream with 472 marks.

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