Apple has been ordered to pay more than $ 300 Million for Digital Rights Management Patent Content

A federal judge in Texas ruled that Apple should pay approximately $ 308.5 million (approximately Rs. 2,234 crores) to Personalized Media Communications (PMC) for copyright infringement related to digital rights management.

Judges at the end of Friday ordered Apple to pay a fee to the PMC, usually based on the sale price of a product or service.

PMC, a licensed company, had sued Apple in early 2015 alleging that the iTunes tech giant iTunes service had infringed seven patents.

Inquiry into Apple’s Payment System in the Netherlands is Near Decision
Apple successfully appealed the PMC’s case to the US embassy, ​​but the appellate court in March last year overturned the decision, paving the way for a new trial.

The iPhone maker did not immediately respond to Reuters com request

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