Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey’s Square Consider Making Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Jack Dorsey’s on Friday made the statement that his first cash payment is considering considering making a real wallet to deposit Bitcoin securely.

Hardware wallets can be used to keep digital money offline, synchronizing online transactions as needed,jack Dorsey’s said.

Another option for cryptocurrency holders is to use “real” wallets, relying on third parties to keep money secure and to use passwords to access funds.

“Square is thinking of making a bitcoin hardware wallet,” Dorsey said in a series of tweets asking for feedback on the idea.

“If we did, we would build it completely in public, from software to computer hardware, and to working with the community.”

Dorsey thought that Bitcoin was a lot of people’s money, and that it was important to have people’s ways of holding it that didn’t involve giving it to foreign parties.

“The exchange you used to buy your Bitcoin probably goes to your security with good intentions, but circumstances may indicate that ‘retention’ actually means ‘IOU,'” writes Torsey, who is also Twitter’s head.

“Making the final, and secure, decision of your Bitcoin is difficult.”

You’ve seen a Bitcoin wallet that makes it easy for people to use other purchases, say with their smartphones, while protecting all cryptocurrency currencies.

“We can think of apps running without Square and maybe without permission from Apple and Google,” he continued, referring to the makers of two of the world’s largest smartphone apps.

The square will set up accounts on Twitter and the website of the software developer GitHub dedicated to the Bitcoin wallet design if it decides to continue working, Dorsey said.

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