Allahabad High Court ban on payment of salary to sacked madrasa teachers of Maharajganj

Allahabad High Court : The Allahabad High Court has put a stay on the payment of salaries to three sacked personnel working in Madrasa Arabiya Attaur Rasool located in Siswa Bazar of Maharajganj district of the state.

These three teachers, Shahabullah, were dismissed on June 1, 2008, and Moinuddin and Mazhar Ali on May 16, 2008, by madrassa manager Ashiq Ali Rainey on charges of indiscipline.

Earlier on January 9, 2006, clerk Roshan Ali was sacked.

These people took refuge in the High Court, but they did not get relief from there, after that, a Special Secretary of the State Minority Welfare Department and a review officer, in connivance with the approval of the assembly committee, not only reinstated these people but also got them reinstated every month. An order for payment of his salary was also issued.

While the manager of the madrassa, after sacking these personnel, had appointed new personnel in their place, which had also got approval from the Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Education Council.

Due to this controversy arose. The madrasa manager challenged the government order in the court and prayed for recovery of Rs…..

This amount is for a total of 174 months salary payment from May 2008 to November 2022.

On this, these four dismissed personnel also filed their respective petitions in the Prayagraj High Court. Ritudhvaj Pratap Sahi was the lawyer on behalf of Madrasa Manager Ashiq Ali Raini.

Justice Ashutosh Srivastava passed the order on December 7 after hearing the arguments of both the parties and based on the available evidence.

this order, it was said that no challenge was given by the defense side to the order of dismissal of these personnel.

Not only this, the defense also failed to challenge the appointment of new teachers in place of the three sacked teachers.

For the time being, the hearing of the case will continue. the next hearing, the payment of salary of these three sacked teachers is stayed.

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