Akash Prime missile successfully tested

Akash Prime Missile: A new variant of the Akash Prime missile has been successfully tested from Chandipur in Odisha. DRDO tweeted the video of the missile test. Officials said the missile, named “Akash Prime,” on its first test flight accurately hit an unmanned aerial target mimicking an enemy aircraft. He said this test was done at 4:30 p.m.

An official said: “Akash Prime has native RF sensing technology for more accuracy compared to the current Akash system. With other improvements, it can work reliably in low temperature high altitude environment.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Army and Indian Air Force for the successful test firing of the “Akash Premium ”. He said the successful test proves that DRDO is capable of developing a world-class missile system.

DRDO President G. Satheesh Reddy also congratulated the team that tested the missile. He said the “Akash Prime” system would further boost morale in the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

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