After 72 days, lowest corona cases came in the country!

After 72 days- Coronavirus case in India today June 13: There are still over 10 lakh active cases of corona in India. America and Brazil have more active cases than India. India has the highest recovery after America in the world.
New Delhi: There has been an increase in the number of corona infected daily in the country. After 72 days, the fewest new cases of corona have arrived. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, in the past 24 hours, 80,834 new cases of corona have arrived and 3,303 infected people have lost their lives. At the same time, 1 lakh 32,000 people were also cured of Corona. That is, 54,531 active cases were reduced on the last day. As of March 31, 2021, 72,330 cases had been recorded.

Today’s latest state of corona infection

Total number of corona cases – two crore 94 lakh 39 thousand 989
Total discharge – two crore 80 lakh 43 thousand 446
Total number of active cases – 10 Lakh 26,000 159
Total death – 3 lakh 70 thousand 384
For the 31st consecutive day in the country, there have been more recoveries than new cases of the corona virus. Until June 12, 25 crore 31 lakh doses of corona vaccine have been administered across the country. On the last day 34 lakh 84,000 vaccines were administered. At the same time, corona tests of 37 crore 82 lakh have been carried out so far. About 20 lakh tests of corona samples were performed on the last day, which has a positive rate of over 4%.

Corona moves slowly in UP
The number of infected corona in Uttar Pradesh has fallen to less than 10,000. At present, there are a total of 9,806 active cases of Karona in the state. As of Saturday, 524 infected corona were found in the state. The recovery rate rose to 98.1%. 2 lakh 74 thousand 811 Kovid tests were performed in 24 hours. Of these, the positivity rate for corona infection was 0.2%. So far a total of 5 crore 30 lakh 55,000,495 corona tests have been performed.

Less than 10 infected in 19 districts of
Bihar In Bihar, 432 new infected corona were identified on Saturday. Fewer than 50 patients have been found in all districts of the state, while fewer than 10 infected have been found in 19 districts of the state. There was a decrease in the number of patients on Saturday compared to Friday. Earlier Friday, 566 new infected corona were identified. The rate of corona infection in the state has fallen to 0.35%.

The corona death rate in the country is 1.25% while the recovery rate has exceeded 95%. Active cases have fallen to less than 4%. India ranks third in the world in terms of active corona cases. India also ranks second in terms of the total number of people infected. While in the world after America, Brazil has the highest number of deaths in India.

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