Afghanistan News: The situation in Afghanistan worsens

Afghanistan News: Amid the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, a challenge has also arisen in front of those people who come to India for better treatment. Each year, around 30,000 people come to India on medical visas for treatment from Afghanistan. First because of the lockdown due to Kovid and now because of the situation in Afghanistan, there is still a problem getting treatment for people there. In such a situation, not only will the Afghan people face treatment difficulties, but it will likely affect the economy of medical tourism in India.

The situation in Afghanistan is not hidden from anyone. Every day the picture there tells about the situation. People are upset. There is another problem and that is the treatment. In recent years, the number of people coming from Afghanistan for treatment has increased. Most Afghans have looked to India, especially the capital Delhi, for better and better treatment, but that has diminished and the type of situation is expected to diminish further in times to come.

Afghanistan News- Patients coming from Afghanistan to Delhi NCR for treatment come to Max Healthcare hospitals. Here they come for the treatment of diseases like heart disease, cancer, liver and kidney transplants, but last year due to Corona and now the situation in Afghanistan has diminished. According to Dr Vivek Kumar, from the Cardio Cath and Cardio Science department at Max Saket Hospital, the number of patients has declined. In addition, those who were treated did not come for a routine check-up. At the same time, some patients who were to come for treatment may also come now or not, it is not clear.

Likewise, the number of patients coming to Max Healthcare for cancer treatment has decreased and may decline further in the times to come. A similar situation is also in Akash Healthcare of Delhi. Where 300 to 350 patients came from Afghanistan for treatment in a year. This too has diminished. First Corona and now the situation there is the reason.

According to Sanjay Aggarwal, president of the PHD Chamber, India grants medical visas for treatment to around 35,000 people from Afghanistan each year. According to him, this will have an impact on the medical industry. But here the question is not only India’s declining income, but also the lives of Afghanistan, which can die for lack of receiving the right treatment on time.

Three main reasons for seeking treatment in India

Afghanistan News- According to information, in 2016 the number of people who received treatment in India from abroad was around 4 lakh 27,000. After that, in 2019, around 7 lakh people came to India for treatment. According to experts, there are three main reasons for coming to India for treatment. The first reason is competitiveness. There is a medical fraternity competition in India that people want to get treated here. Another reason is that the treatment is cheap. Treatment in India is much cheaper than in other western countries. The third and most important reason is that we don’t have much of a wait here.

At the same time, due to the current situation in Afghanistan, there will also be an economic impact in the health sector of India. However, this will have more impact on Afghans who came to India far from their country for better treatment.

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