Welspun India to offer 50% monthly salary for two years to families of employees who died due to COVID-19

Welspun India on May 12 announced a series of plans for its employees. The company said it would pay 50 percent of the monthly salary for two years as a family subsidy in the event of a job loss due to COVID-19.

The company will also pay for family medical insurance (including spouse and two children) with a cover of Rs 5 lakh for a period of ten years. In addition, Welspun will also pay tuition fees for up to two children up to their studies.
It stated in a statement that it would take care of the spouse and children with the relevant job roles in terms of company policy such as qualifications and the required skills.

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In addition to these financial incentives for the family of the deceased, Welspun has established COVID-Care centers and War rooms to assist members to use their resources and networks in emergencies such as access to various services / needs including beds, medical consultations and testing.
It has also established 24×7 Wel-Care Centers at their Anjar and Vapi factories to cater for the medical needs of its employees and employees. These facilities provide more than 150 beds (including ICU beds), oxygen equipment, ventilators, ambulances, and visits to resident doctors, emergency workers and housekeepers.
Given the remote location of Welspun’s factories, the company has also installed AI-enabled robots in its medical facilities to provide local people with medical assistance, creating a forum for consultation between a specialist physician from anywhere in the world and their patient.
Many companies in India are taking steps to ensure that the families of the deceased COVID-19 employees are not under financial pressure.

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Borosil and Borosil Renewables recently announced that if a worker dies due to COVID-19, his family will continue to receive a salary for the next two years.
Family members will also be able to access other benefits that the employee is entitled to.
In a LinkedIn post, Borosil Renewables Ltd’s Head of Marketing Swapnil Walunj said the company would “focus on children’s education until they graduate”.

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