Advisory for Hostel Residents: Stay Safe from COVID-19, says Delhi University

Avoiding confined spaces, eating nutritious food, checking the symptoms of COVID-19 – these are some of the precautionary measures carried out by the advice issued by Delhi University to its hostel residents. Varsity said it was very concerned about the well-being of students and staff living and working closely in hostels and urged them to follow the most important steps in keeping low transmission rates low.

The advice was that hostel management should set up separate rooms and also encourage students to leave hostels because being too close is a serious risk of transmission of disease. “We hope that the students will return to their homeland and continue their work of learning away. At the same time, we see that some students are unable to return and need to stay,” she said.

Students were advised to eat a healthy diet, take vitamin supplements and eat enough water. It is also advised that students should make sure that their rooms are well ventilated and that they should avoid enclosed spaces, enclosed by all means. “Students should be aware of symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, runny nose, headache, shortness of breath, diarrhea. Should they experience any of these symptoms, they should contact the hostel authorities or their health care providers for advice, “she said.

The advice also asked citizens who develop these symptoms to isolate themselves and wait for the results of the tests. If found correct, a 14-day separation period is mandatory. “Hostel management should be notified immediately of the results of constructive tests so the separation of the affected person may be arranged in private and bathrooms,” he added.

Varsity has also set up a help desk for residents and a list of doctors who can be questioned about medical needs.

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