900 Vaccination Sites in Odisha Shut Due to Vaccine Shortage

Bhubaneswar: On Sunday at the launch of ‘Tika Utsav’, a special drive to vaccinate coronavirus nationwide, at least 900 session sites in Odisha remained closed due to a lack of COVID-19 standards, making the game suspicious between the ruling BJD and BJP. DirectorDector of Family Welfare Bijay Panigrahi said, while vaccination is still ongoing in only 579 facilities in more than 1,400 government institutions, the vaccination program may need to be suspended in most areas by Monday, if a new vaccine does not arrive.
While Public Service Minister Sushant Singh accused the institution of not using ‘Rajdharma’ and discriminating against Odisha in the distribution of vaccines, BJP MPLA MP Mukesh Mahaling said, Eastern India, including the coastal state, was on the first list of central government.
“We will only be able to stand well after completing the vaccination exercise this evening. I think all the stock will be gone today, ”said Panigrahi.

Vaccines are being sent to districts that have reported other cases of COVID-19, the chief executive said.

During the launch of the four-day ‘Tika Utsav’ from April 11 to April 14, Panigrahi said the purpose of the vaccination ceremony was to ensure that vaccines were not violated and did not encourage people to get vaccinated. The state had only received 2.5 lakh vaccines against its 25 lakh demand for ‘Tika Utsav’.

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