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50 thousand blood samples can be tested in Delhi AIIMS

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50 thousand blood samples tests can be performed in one day at AIIMS Hospital in the capital Delhi and its report will be available in just two to three hours. For this, a special laboratory has been prepared where this facility will be there. At present, this facility will be available for patients admitted to emergency departments and hospitals. The administration of AIIMS believes that it will be of great help in the treatment of patients.

A special type of laboratory has been set up to speed up and improve the treatment of patients (50 thousand blood samples) admitted to the emergency room and to the wards of AIIMS, the largest and most prestigious hospital in the country. Today, 56 types of blood tests can be done in this lab in just two to three hours. The special feature is that for this, only one vial blood sample will need to be provided, which can be used to prepare parameter reports for many tests. At the same time, this report will be from the machine’s automatic date, so it will be more accurate.

If the doctor wishes to have a blood test done for any patient admitted to AIIMS, he will do so at that time and the report will also be available soon, which will facilitate the treatment. At the same time, it couldn’t be like this because the blood tests took time, but now it is possible with this high-tech lab.

After the arrival of this machine, patients and the doctors who treat them will receive a lot of help (50 thousand blood samples) .
This technology launched in AIIMS is called Automatic Dry Chemistry Analyzer.
At present, it will be for patients admitted on an emergency basis and on duty.
50,000 sample tests can be performed in one day with this machine.
Several parameters or tests can be performed from a vial sample.
It can be tested at any time of the day.
The test report will arrive in two to three hours.
Besides the blood test, other tests can be done like the urine test.
Fully automatic and the results will be accurate.
According to the administration of the AIIMS, in the coming days, patients presenting it in the OPD department may also be tested, preparations are underway for this. At the same time, such technology is expected to succeed in saving the lives of patients.

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