₹1 Lakh/Kg, This Bihar Farmer Is Growing costliest Vegetable

A farmer in Bihar’s Aurangabad region has taken to social media to grow unique vegetables worth about Rs 1 lakh per kg! Known as the most expensive vegetable in the world, the cultivation of ‘hop-shoots’ has begun experimentally and more than 60 percent of its cultivation has already taken place successfully. According to the New Indian Express, a farmer named Amresh Singh – a middle ground from Hazaribagh’s St Columbus College – is the first person to plant hop-shoots in five acres of land, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. At great risk, Amresh has invested Rs. 2.5 lakh growing hops of hop, a rare plant in the Indian market.
In addition, he said that if Premier Modi developed a special program to promote the planting of hop-shoots, farmers would earn ten times more money than they could in other agricultural areas in a few years.

The news came to light after senior manager Supriya Sahu shared the Amresh issue, and called the development a ‘game change for Indian farmers.’ In a widely circulated tweet, Sahu wrote, “One kilogram of vegetables costs about Rs 1 lakh! The most expensive vegetable in the world, the hop-shoots’ planted by Amresh Singh a budding farmer from Bihar, the first in India. from India. ”
Currently, Agricultural scientist Dr. Lal of the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi has been overseeing the planting of hop-shoots. Commonly cultivated in the United States and Europe, the plant was first cultivated in Haachal Pradesh’s Lahaul, but the high costs impacted commercialization.

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