WTC Final: New Zealand has the upper hand in the final!

WTC Final will be played between India and New Zealand in Southampton from June 18. New Zealand showed the strength of their preparations ahead of the final match by beating hosts England by eight wickets in the second test played at Edgbaston yesterday. With this, New Zealand also became the number one team in the world in cricket testing.

Test World Championship Final: WTC Final will be played between India and New Zealand in Southampton, England from June 18. Ahead of this match, New Zealand beat England in the two-test series and won the lead. Many former veteran players believe that this contested streak against England has boosted New Zealand’s preparation for the WTC final and can benefit from that in the game against India. India mid-order batsman Cheteshwar Pujara also believes the New Zealand side are looking ahead ahead of the WTC final of this contested series against England. However, he also said his team are fully prepared for this challenge and will spare no effort to win this title match.

Speaking to BCCI TV, Cheteshwar Pujara said: “New Zealand will have the advantage of playing two test matches against England before the final match. However, we are also fully prepared to give our best performance in this match. . We know we all have the strength to play this game well and to win it. ” At the same time, he said: “We don’t pay much attention to their preparations. In the time left before the WTC final, we just want to focus on our preparation and improvement. If we use this time correctly for our preparations. If used, we will be fully prepared for the challenge of the final match. “

Great challenge to keep pace with the weather in England

At the same time, Pujara believes that the weather in England changes continuously during the game and that it is a big challenge for the players to keep pace. He said: “When you play in England the weather changes several times in one day. It is very difficult for the drummers to play in these different conditions. It rains frequently for very short periods of time. several times in the field. Because of this, your batting pace is also affected and you have to restart your innings every time you come back on the court which is a huge challenge. You have to be very strong mentally. “

He also said: “Reaching the WTC final means a lot to me personally. I only play test cricket and for me it is the most difficult format in the game. We worked as a team to get to this stage. But we worked very hard. Winning this final will be very special for us. “

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