WTC 2021 Final: Reserve Day becomes part of play

WTC 2021 Final: The ICC had reserved a reserve day for the WTC Final which would be played between India and New Zealand. The first day’s game was called off without a ball being thrown due to rain. With that, Reserve Day has now become part of the WTC Finals.

WTC 2021 Final: The final of the ICC World Test Championship was scheduled to be played between India and New Zealand from June 18th. But because of the rain, the draw could not even take place on the first day. Fans will be able to watch five full days of play, although no balls were thrown on day one. The ICC had already reserved a spare day for the crucial game which has just come into play. However, in this game being played in Southampton there is also a possibility of rain for the next five days.

It has been raining continuously in Southampton since Thursday. The ground was completely wet from the rain. Match officials inspected the pitch three times on Friday. But even after the tea session, due to the rain, the match on the first day of the match was called off.

As soon as the referees called off the game on the first day, the reserve day came into play. The ICC had already made it clear that if the five-day match was interrupted due to rain or some other reason, the match would reach the reserve day.

98 overs to play in the next four days

It’s not that only 90 overs will be played on reserve day. The ICC will try to make up for the overs lost in the next four due to the lack of play on the first day. Due to the draw on day two, the 98 overs goal will be maintained. Other than that, only 98 overs will be played on the third, fourth and fifth days. Out of 450, the overs that remain after four days of play will be judged on the reserve day.

Even on reserve day, there cannot be a game over 98 overs. If the match result is not released even on the reserve day, the India and New Zealand teams will be declared co-winners of the ICC World Test Championship.

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