With Aim to Solve Current COVID Crisis, IIT-Bombay’s Innovative Way to Generate Oxygen is out!

A professional member of IIT-Bombay has found a new way to address the shortage of oxygen in India. Professor Milind Atrey, director (R&D) at IIT-Bombay has undertaken a project to test the conversion of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Nitrogen Unit into a PSA oxygen unit. This work is being carried out in partnership with Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE).

IIT says that as part of the project, the processor carefully planned the existing Nitrogen Plant setup and converted cellular sites from Carbon to Zeolite. “Such Nitrogen plants, which take air into the air as immature substances, are found throughout India in various industrial industries. Therefore, each of them has the potential to be transformed into an oxygen tank to cope with the current emergency,” said an official IIT statement.

At IIT Bombay, a PSA Nitrogen plant has been identified at the Refrigeration and Crgengenics Laboratory to convert the evidence to the concept. To conduct this study urgently, an MOU was signed between IIT Bombay, Tata Consulting Engineers, and Spantech Engineers to finalize a SOP that could be used nationwide.

Spantech engineers in Mumbai, who work with PSA Nitrogen & Oxygen plant production, have agreed to work with IIT Bombay and TCE on the pilot project and installed the necessary plant parts such as skid in IIT Bombay testing using IIT Bombay infrastructure at IITB facility. Nitrogen in the Refrigeration and Cryogenics Box. This test set was developed in three days, and the initial tests showed promising results. Oxygen production can be achieved at a pressure of 3.5 atm with a purity of 93-96 percent. This oxygen can be used for COVID-related needs in all existing hospitals and COVID-specific facilities for the continuous supply of oxygen.

Professor Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director IIT Bombay, congratulated all stakeholders and said such a relationship between education and the sector is highly desirable and essential to the growth and prosperity of our nation. He also encouraged teams to come up with new ideas and generate indigenous IPs that can be integrated into multiple sectors to meet the needs of the country. Professor Chaudhuri encourages and requests various government officials, NGOs, and private companies to contact Prof. Milind Atrey, IIT Bombay, and Tata Consulting Engineers to know more about the project and its immediate acceptance across the country.

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