Windows 11 lets you take Focus Sessions with Spotify music integration

Microsoft 11 Microsoft is coming towards the end of the year but people who can’t wait that long are already trying to beta build the next Windows 11 OS.

However, giving another reason to those waiting for the official launch, Microsoft’s product manager, Panos Panay, has announced a new feature coming to Windows 11.

There will be a dedicated Focus Sessions feature that will help users focus on the same music from Spotify.

Focus Sessions is not a feature Microsoft mentioned in the launch of Windows 11 earlier this year. This feature is not even available in the developer build and in the app’s beta.

This means that Microsoft is likely to keep the official format of Windows 11. Panay, on his twitter account, said Focus Sessions is coming soon.

So, what exactly is Session Sessions?

Think of it as an inspiring feature of Microsoft’s Mododoro that we will launch with Windows 11 to help users increase their focus, therefore, on their product.

With people clinging to their PCs now more than ever because of extended hours of working at home, there is a higher chance of losing concentration for all sorts of reasons.

Pomodoro is a process that aims to increase productivity through short-term work-focused sessions divided into healthy and short periods.

For example, you should prepare a presentation for the meeting and press hard to complete it at least 12 hours before the meeting.

Using the Pomodoro method, you will work on the presentation, say, 20-30 minutes and take a 5-10 break. After that, you start working on your presentation for another 20 to 30 minutes, followed by a short pause.

The idea is to divide the work into smaller pieces that are easily controlled while giving you enough time for a little fun or relaxation.

Windows 11 lets you take Focus Sessions with Spotify music integration

Through Focus Sessions, Microsoft is trying to emulate Pomodoro right from the laptop.

Depending on the short video Panay shared, Focus Sessions will let you decide how long you want to focus.

It will determine your auto-interruption time, and in the meantime, it will play music using Spotify, now integrated with Windows for this feature.

More details on how this feature will help users focus more on their work are not yet available, but Panay said the feature is coming soon.

Currently, people interested in using Windows 11 can become Windows Insider and install the beta version, which Microsoft has said, is much lower and more stable than the developer version.

Rumors are rife that the release of Windows 11 will begin in October.

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