Will the Pakistan and England series be cancelled?

Will the Pakistan- Cricket has again been seriously affected due to the Corona virus. On Tuesday, 7 members from England, who were part of the ODI series against Sri Lanka, tested positive at Corona. For this reason, the sword began to cling to the series played between England and Pakistan. But England have announced a new team under the leadership of Ben Stokes for the ODI series. The Pakistan Cricket Board says it is in constant contact with the England Cricket Board.

The ODI series between Pakistan and England will start in Cardiff from July 8th. The Pakistan Cricket Board has contacted the ECB for the safety of its players. The PCB issued a statement saying: “Since hearing the news of the corona cases in the England squad, we have been in contact with the ECB with the safety of the players in mind.”

Will the Pakistan Cricket Board be satisfied with the response received from the ECB and has decided to continue the series. The PCB said: “The PCB is satisfied with the assurances and guarantees from the ECB and is satisfied with the Pakistani player safety protocol.

Name not revealed

However, the PCB has ordered team management to take additional precautions related to Corona. “The PCB team is in contact with management and has advised them to take extra precautions,” the statement said.

After corona cases surfaced in the England squad, the ECB announced a new squad and appointed all-rounder Ben Stokes as the squad captain. In the squad that England have announced there are 9 players who have yet to make their debut.

However, the England Cricket Board has yet to reveal the names of players who have turned positive at Corona. But according to reports, three out of seven players are there, while four people are on the staff.

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