While Salman Khan opened up about rejecting Chak De India: ‘Shah Rukh Khan should be a part of a few good films too’

Salman Khan had said he had a common image, which was popular with the people when it was presented to Chak De India. The film is very proud of Shah Rukh Khan’s film.

salman khan chak de indiaIt is true that Salman was the first when Yash Raj Films decided to make a landmark film with director Shimit Amin.

What if Salman Khan had agreed to perform Chak De India when it was offered to him in place of Shah Rukh Khan who eventually joined him for the most part? Now, this is a question from aficionados films discussing many cups of coffee. It is true, however, that Salman was the first when Yash Raj Films decided to make a dignified film with director Shimit Amin. The film went to Shah Rukh Khan and some, as they say, is history.

When he was reminded that Chak De India was also given to him, he joked and said, “I left it because Shah Rukh Khan should also be part of a few good films.” In a very important letter, he could have said, “When I was presented with Chak De, my picture was completely different as I did with my colleagues and all sorts of films.

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The 2007 film was about an embarrassed hockey player who decided to coach a women’s hockey team. He shapes the rag-tag bunch into a group of go-getters and gets rescued from the process. The film has won many awards and critical acclaim.

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