West Bengal 2021 LIVE election result: Neck fight between BJP, TMC

West Bengal 2021 LIVE election results: Today’s results will determine whether Mamata Banerjee has managed to block the challenge by the BJP. Stay tuned for the counting of West Bengal election results

West Bengal 2021 LIVE election results: A total of 294 people voting in the West Bengal 2021 election is underway. A collection of a series of six exit routes predicted that Mamata Banerjee could just pass through the middle ground but his comfort would depend largely on how much he could widen the gap with his BJP challenge after a series of divisions. The expected figure of BJP is very important in the province where it was at the beginning.

The result will determine whether Mamata Banerjee, who has been in power for 10 years and who is openly fighting the most difficult poll in his political career, has been able to withstand the challenge of the tough BJP military election led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah.

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The BJP, which had just three seats in the 294-member Council in the 2016 general election and would have won 18 of the 42 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha by-elections, had tried to oust all government in a bid to oust Bananjee, a staunch critic of Prime Minister Modi, and add another. state in 17 of it.

The Left-Congress alliance is the third largest competition in the state.

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