Watch: Babar Azam witty response to journalist’s question on chatting with Virat Kohli during T20 WC

New Delhi: The Pakistani cricket team led by Babar Azam made history during the recent 2021 T20 World Cup by defeating their Indian rival for the first time.

Pakistan had managed to beat India after losing to them in 12 matches. During the draw for this match, India captain Virat Kohli and Babar Azam were seen chatting during the draw and even after the match was over.

Ahead of the start of Pakistan vs West Indies T20 series, Babar Azam was invited to reveal his conversation with Kohli, which he had during the World Cup. In response, Babar refused to answer his question. The PCB media coordinator also asked the reporter to ask questions related to the series against the West Indies.

The reporter asked, “Babar, there have been a lot of questions regarding the show. But there was a video that surfaced during the T20 World Cup, where you and Virat Kohli were spotted chatting. So what did you talk about? do you tell him, or what did he say to you? He’s been going through a difficult time since he was removed from his post as captain. What did you talk to him about during the World Cup? “

The PCB media manager said, “Sorry to interrupt. This is a PCB press conference. If you have any questions regarding the West Indies series, then go ahead.”

The reporter then added: “But I don’t think this is a controversial question. It’s a simple and light question. What was the discussion between the two about? I just want to ask this question. subject. If Babar wills, he can give the answer. “

However, Babar decided not to divulge anything about his conversation with Kohli and shut down the reporter saying, “Of course we had a discussion. But why would I have revealed it in front of everyone?” the Pakistani captain joked.

Apart from that, Babar was also asked about the replacement of Rohit by Virat as captain of the ODI team, to which he did not respond.

For the first time in a World Cup match, Babar and Kohli faced each other as captains of their respective teams. Earlier, when India and Pakistan faced off at the 2019 World Cup in England, Kohli was ruling India, but the Pakistan captain was Sarfaraz Khan at the time.


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