War over Mohammad shami has proven yet again “one failure will shy down all your glories”.

We live in a country where a single day make you a big superstar ,people make uh feel the most loved person and just other day they forget everything what you have done for them, and Mohammad shami case is not so different.

“THE HIGHEST WICKET TAKER IN LAST TWO 50 OVER WORLD CUP ” is abused, ashamed and even being called anti national just because of one bad performance on the day. This is a heartbreaking moment for so many of his fans family and hope not for him .

But at several occasions he has proved he is a champion who recover from so many shackles to emerge victorious Pacer has bounced back from injuries and personal problems in past, and is mentally tough enough to handle latest attack on him on social media .

The veteran pacer along with Jasprit Bumrah is considered as a biggest weapon for india in bowling lineup going to the world cup ,but a bad performance against India’s biggest rivals made things so much tough for shami ahead as whole country is furious towards him , I personally think even sportsperson have to understand the way people of these country make people like them superstar they also have to face wrath of them when they had a heart break . Craze of cricket and amount of die hard fans of cricket in india is a wholesome and when they see india got defeated in this brutal way they are not able to digest this and wrath comes for the olayers whose performance are bad .

some big names came ahead in support of shami after outbreak

Problem arises when this wrath becomes and even taken as a religiously, and people started attacking Shami on his religion.

People have every right to criticize performances criticize cricketers but the way some of them criticize him on religion will break the sole person and that’s more brutal on an individual than the loss.

Now things are more complicated now as the fact is going ahead in the tournament if india loses even a single game they are very much endangered about going out from group stage only that will give Shockwave to entire country and cricket fraternity, hope so we don’t have to face that day.

Even stakes are so high that might be india and Pakistan may meet against each other again in the final but road is tough ahead for both the teams but if that happens , it will might break all the records of viewership .

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