Delhi Riots: Homemade bombs were placed on the roof of Ansar Khan’s house to implicate him, police say

Delhi Riots: In an investigation by a special Delhi police cell, it was revealed that in order to implicate Ansar Khan in the Delhi riots, his neighbor Muzammil Alvi placed 5 homemade bombs on the roof from his home in Ghaziabad.

Based on a Delhi police complaint, Ghaziabad police registered a case and arrested defendant Muzammil Alvi when the situation came to light. According to the Delhi Police Special Cell, it was Muzammil Alvi who had placed 5 homemade bombs on the roof of his neighbor Ansar Khan.

What was it?

During an investigation into the riots that broke out in the northeast region of the national capital of Delhi in July last year, Delhi police received information from an informant that Ansar Khan, who lives in Kardampura in the northeast district, was involved in the violence. and had prepared and supplied homemade bombs to rioters.

The informant also told Delhi Police that Ansar Khan was currently living in Ghaziabad and still making homemade bombs, after which he was arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell. His house in Ghaziabad was also searched and 5 homemade bombs were also found on the roof of his house.

“I am innocent”, says Ansar Khan

When Ansar Khan was taken into custody and questioned by the police, he refused to have any information about the bombs. During the investigation, the police could not obtain any evidence of Ansar Khan’s involvement in the riots in Delhi, after which he was released. Delhi Police investigated the case and again questioned people around Ansar Khan’s home in Ghaziabad, where they discovered Ansar Khan was arguing with his neighbor Muzammil Alvi.

When police questioned Muzammil on suspicion, he broke down and told police it was he who had placed the bombs on Ansar Khan’s roof to implicate Ansar Khan in the Delhi riot charges. . Delhi Police filed a complaint at Loni Police Station in Ghaziabad on Sunday after the case came to light, after which Ghaziabad Police registered a case and arrested Muzammil Alvi.

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