Users of OnePlus 9 Pro complain of overheating, saying camera application creates


  • Users of OnePlus 9 Pro face the problem of overheating on their devices.
  • OnePlus has approved the issue and promises to fix it with software updates soon.
  • The problem is, in some cases, it leaves the smartphone unable to perform any function.

Many OnePlus 9 Pro owners are facing ongoing heat problems with their devices. Smartphones show extreme temperature alerts, usually while using the camera app.

There have been many reports on the matter over time. So much so that OnePlus admitted it was a well-known issue in response to The Verge. The company said it would issue a solution with software updates “in the next few weeks.”

The thread attached to the OnePlus forums, now up to eleven pages, is a matter of concern. Many users of the OnePlus 9 Pro report their types of overheating problem at the finish line. The problem exists in a variety of situations, whether there are many applications running in the background or when the phone is being used normally.

However, a large number of posts refer to the camera app which is the cause of the problem. Many shared the temperature warning screens displayed on their OnePlus 9 Pro while using the video recording camera.

The warning reads, “Your device temperature is currently too high. Please pause for a moment to download. ”In some cases, it is only after a short period of time that the phone’s temperature is restored and it can function normally.

Some even attribute the problem to direct sunlight. Users complain that the OnePlus 9 Pro burns under the sun even with minimal use, making it unable to do anything.

Many have compared the heat problem to what they have already experienced in previous OnePlus models. The OnePlus 8 Pro is apparently named after several posts that had had a heat problem before.

The update to OnePlus software to fix the problem is highly anticipated, and until the company releases it, more complaints are lodged on the internet daily.

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