Reviving the Premam on Sai Pallavi’s birthday: A different kind of star is born

Her songs and romance announcements are also well received. Nivin, who is already a favorite actor in the industry, saw his popularity rise in many notes due to his excellent performance in the film. However, it was the newcomer, Sai Pallavi, who made fun of all the eye drops after the release.

Sai’s presentation by Tamil teacher Malar was fresh, subtle, and fun. The actor had a good screen presence as he interacted with his students, mocked, and punished them. Malar and George should have been like that. She was beautiful and intelligent, she was a little aggressive at the edges but loving. It was a quintessential filmy drama, told in a set way, but more superficially where it should have been.

But it is this untouchable, imperfect beauty that draws George to the beginning, and we – as spectators – follow him. Malar stands out from the crowd because she chooses to present herself as she really is, unorganized or sorted out to please anyone. So Malar is back again; he is.

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All women go through a period of insecurity that they have to accept and move on. I have a skin disease called Rosacea that I shouldn’t have talked about so many times, but it’s something I had to deal with. When I was in Georgia, everyone had flawless skin and I tried everything, but I couldn’t get rid of it. I was very awake. But when it comes to Pream, I thought the director was crazy for allowing me to use the screen without makeup. I have never seen movies where actors do not use makeup, ”said Sayi.

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George and Malar’s love affair didn’t work out, the sequence in which Malar can’t see George is one of the most tragic parts of a different movie. But it is this balance of humor, ache, naivety, and vulnerability that makes Premam what it is today – an irreplaceable love drama.

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