UP Election: How the politics of the state is going?

UP Election- Lucknow: Assembly elections are due to take place in Uttar Pradesh next year. All teams have been activated. Everyone has started to execute their strategy to court their constituents. At the same time, the leadership turn also started to UP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will tour his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. Here they will give gifts of many schemes. At the same time, Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi can discuss assembly elections with state leaders. At the same time, during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to UP, Owaisi will also tour West UP and give air to the politics of the Muslim factor.

PM will offer many gifts

Prime Minister Modi will visit his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. Meanwhile, PM Modi will donate projects worth over Rs 1,500 crore to Varanasi. During the Corona period, the Prime Minister arrives in Varanasi after about 8 months. It is said that he will spend about 5 to 6 hours in his parliamentary constituency.

Owaisi’s West UP Election Tour
Owaisi is also preparing a powerful strategy for the legislative elections. Even before that, he met many great leaders in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Owaisi’s visit is said to be the start of his election campaign in western UP. In this tour, he will address a public meeting in Moradabad. In Sambhal, they will also offer prayers.

The promise and intention of the head of AIMIM, Asaduddin Owaisi, is to constitute UP Bihar. Where his party won a landslide victory in the legislative elections. 5 leaders of AIMIM were elected deputies. Owaisi also wants to repeat this success in UP. That’s why he changed the tagline this time too. Owaisi said that in this election, the equation from A to Z will not be MA. MY stands for Muslim Yadav. Which was the vote bank for the Samajwadi party.

Priyanka to provide update on UP Election preparations

Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi is due to visit the UP on July 16. The entire command of the UP elections will be in the hands of Priyanka Gandhi. From the selection of the candidate to the party manifesto, Priyanka Gandhi will play an important role, and with this visit from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the Congress will start the mission of the UP.

The party’s state official, Priyanka, will now focus on the upcoming parliamentary elections and spend most of her time in Uttar Pradesh. The top leader said that before the election, Priyanka would make a quick tour of all districts in the state to take the pulse of voters.

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