This Coffee Brand Pulled a Cool Prank on people!

After all that happened last year, we all need a good laugh! With April Fool’s Day in full swing, people are in for a treat, busy with pranking their friends and family. Businesses and companies are also not far behind in attracting target audiences. After all, in this age of viral marketing, businesses are also looking forward to April Fools ’Day as a way to get free information and advertising.
One such company attracted the attention of us and we don’t complain! My partner Shubangi and I were in the middle of our shift, when suddenly we started craving a nice cup of coffee. (You know how morning shifts can get)! So, we decided to order 2 Cappuccinons at Slay Coffee, Noida. Twenty minutes later, someone brought me three cups of coffee, much to my surprise. When I asked, he told me that the third cup of coffee was free! (Well, anyone who doesn’t like free stuff). Because the cup was cold, we thought it was cold coffee!
We received 3 cups after ordering only 2 (prefer to be included)

Of course, we were very happy. We decided to keep the third cup in the fridge, so that we could get it later in the day. (Instead of being innocent and unaware, we are!) However, Shubangi decided to take a look and the whole idea of ​​the prank enlightened us. What we think is cold coffee, it was actually just a cup of cold water, wrapped in a cool design. Although our hopes for lunch were dashed, we laughed at them. Plus, we decided to move Prank forward and cheat on our manager again! He was a real game and played once. (Good luck to us)
Later, we also called Slay Coffee to find out if it was really a joke for April Fools’ Day and they confirmed it was true! Got It, Slay Coffee! Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone.

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