The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series will not support the iPhone as Google Wear OS takes over

Samsung’s latest Samsung 4 series, which includes the vanilla Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, is clearly an important milestone in the South Korean company’s journey to capturing a large clothing market.

But more than that, the Galaxy Watch 4 series is important to Google because these are the first smartwatches that come with Wear OS 3.

It’s also a way Google wants to look like Apple. The result: Samsung’s new Samsung watches do not support the iPhone.

Google Wear OS smartwatches have everything except the powerful rival Apple Watch. As an application, Wear OS is not yet fully developed.

That’s why leading smartphone companies, like OnePlus, prefer to use their own custom software over the Wear OS.

But while many Android smartwatches are less popular, they have always supported Apple’s Apple platform, even if it works to a limited extent.

I have found that this integration is less usable even though it is not intended for Android phones.

But now that Google has partnered with Samsung – the leading smartwatch company – to further its Wear OS journey, it wants to be like Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series will not support the iPhone

This could mean shutting down the ecosystem so that non-Android devices are not compatible with the Wear OS clock.

The Apple Watch does not work with anything other than the iPhone. Google now wants Wear OS watches to stop supporting the iPhone and is using Samsung’s product position instead.

In addition to the existing Wear OS watches, Samsung’s older watches will also support Apple’s Apple.

Although Samsung is finally abandoning its Tizen OS for smartwatches starting with the Galaxy Watch 4 series, the existing Tizen smartwatch will still be compatible with the iPhone.

All of that goes well, but nowhere near how close the Apple Watch works with the iPhone.

Samsung has confirmed to ArsTechnica that the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will only connect to a smartphone that supports Google Mobile Services (GMS).

This removes the iPhone quickly, but Smartphones running Android 5.0 or lower software will also not be compatible.

With the help of the iPhone now removed from both generations of Wear OS and Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, it will not be a big problem for Apple.

People who buy an iPhone naturally would not have to go to an Android phone because of limited support.

And now, thanks to Google’s renewed efforts for Wear OS and collaboration with Samsung, Android smartwatches finally have a future when they finally work like Apple Watch.

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