Apple iPhones can come up with sensors for explosions to notify users of damaged screens

Using a Apple iPhones with a cracked display can be very bad to look at. People do not replace their screens very quickly because the whole process is expensive especially when it is an iPhone screen.

It is reported that future iPhones may come up with a system to notify users of a defective display using an explosion detection counter.

According to a report by Apple Insider, future Apple iPhones could come up with a cracking detector that will determine if there are cracks on the screen.

The report revealed that the technology will be re-used in the rumored iPhone Fold which could be launched in 2022.

So basically when there are small cracks in your iPhone display that are not easily visible, the user may not even consider replacing the screen because replacing the screen costs a lot of money.

However, this minor cracking leads to significant damage down the line. Apple’s rumored technology will inform users of those tiny cracks that could lead to massive underground damage.

The report states that Apple has filed a patent called Electronic device display with US Patent.

The text reads, “An electronic device may have a dynamic display such as an organic light-emitting diode display.

Pressure sensor resistance can be built on the curved tail section of the flexible display to collect type measurements.

The rotation rate resistance in the integrated circuit of the display driver can form resistance resistance resistance sensors and the heat compensation bond to measure the weight.

An explosion line can be built from long tracks joined at the ends to form a loop. The blast detection line may work along the edges of the variable display.

The rotation detection circuit can monitor the resistance of the cracked wire to find cracks.

Crack rotation can include switches that adjust the length of the blast detection line and thus allow resistance to be measured in different parts of the line. ”

Apple could bring this feature to its upcoming mobile devices, with rumors that it will arrive sometime in 2022.

Apple is currently preparing to launch its new iPhone series, the iPhone 13.

The Cupertino-giant is rumored to be launching four models under the iPhone 13 Series expected to arrive in September 2021.

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