The Creator of Dogecoin Says You Need To Write Mystery Tweets Like Elon Musk’s His response was overwhelming

Elon Musk’s tweets almost daily about a lot of things. From space and electric vehicles to cryptocurrency and stocks, there is no escape from Musk’s eyes.

Earlier this week, Michi Lumin, the creator of Dogecoin – a meme-based cryptocurrency – wrote on Twitter that he too, needed to start writing obscure and ambiguous things and hoped that people would be able to interpret them as coded, purposeful, and ambiguous.

“This is already happening with @ BillyM2k [Shibetoshi Nakamoto] and so is @elonmusk [Elon Musk’s],” said Dogecoin creator.

In the following tweet, Lumin said he understood that his tweets would be coded and unintelligible but when coded it would read such as, “I wish to carry the largest corn cob in the world” or “how many horses have cattle?”

That was probably enough for Musk to respond in the same way that Lumin said in his tweet.

The chief executive of SpaceX and Tesla responded with specific numbers: “48 61 68 61 20 74 74 75 75 65.”

And users of the micro-blogging site are trying to decide Musk’s tweet. The first response came from Baby Dogecoin’s official handle, a sign made by Dogecoin fans with the aim of rescuing dogs.

Sharing a screenshot of the “Hex to Ascii converter,” Baby DogeCoin wrote, “Haha True,” which is displayed by the converter after digitizing Musk in his tweet.

As Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Dogecoin but no longer in the project was also tagged in the first tweet, he also had something he wanted to say.

“Cabbage gridlock uncle meatball,” wrote Nakamoto, meaning no one could explain it.

Musk himself is a cryptocurrency lover and has in the past been seen promoting Dogecoin with his trademark style that includes meme, calling himself “The Dogefather”, and even calling himself CEO of Dogecoin once.

Last week, the ‘Dogefather’ wrote on Twitter about the money with the team facing Shiba Inu and earned about 8 percent.

Following a tweet made by Dogecoin and YouTuber investor Matt Wallace, Musk wrote, “BTC [Bitcoin] and ETH [Ethereum] are pursuing a multilayer trading system, but the level of basic transactions is slow and transaction costs are high. “

“There is an IMO need to increase the base transaction rate and reduce transaction costs that serve as a second layer,” he added.

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