Google Parent Alphabet Launches Intrinsic Robotics Firm Under Its ‘Other Betting’ Division

The secret alphabet research unit said on Friday it would launch Intrinsic, its new robotics software and artificial intelligence, under the Google parent component that keeps future businesses like Verily and Waymo.

Expanding beyond its search and advertising business, Google in 2015 launched Alphabet as the company that manages the various “other bets”, from its private car unit to helium balloons that provide online solar powered online services.

Intrinsic is developing software tools designed to make industrial robots that can be used to do everything from solar panels to cars and have for more than five years been incorporating its technology into Google’s X-component.

“We are now ready to become an independent Alphabet company, leaving the fast-growing industry to focus on improving our product and validating our technology,” said Wendy Tan White, Intrinsic’s chief executive officer, adding that the company wanted to hire people.

Known as Alphabet’s “Moonshot Factory”, X is a research and development component that serves as a crèche for many corporate projects, such as Waymo, Wing, Makani, Loon and others, helping them to take root as different functional objects.

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