The chinese Mars Rover, Zhurong is Seen to be Exploring the Red Planet, the First of the Pictures

They will give you the answer to the “wings” of the solar panel and give up, two of the” eye “of the camera, and the Chinese Mars rover “Zhurong” grab a bird at the same time, to explore the red planet, the pictures released by the country’s federal space agency, on Saturday.

Zhurong arrives in May, was the first successful landing of any country, after all, the mission is a milestone in China’s ascension into space, to super status.

Named after the mythological Chinese god of fire, the rover has been exploring the topography of a large Martian lava plain known as Where is the Snow ever since.

The images released by China’s National Space Administration showed signs of a red earth, the remains of the Zhurong, which the agency described as an” impression ” of China, and then they have the control over the planet’s surface, in the form of a landing on a platform, which is designed with a large Chinese flag next to it.

The six-wheeled, 240-pound (530 manat) that is powered by solar energy Zhurong is expected to spend a period of three months to take the photos, the collection of geographic data collection, and the rock samples.

The Space Agency said on Friday that ” the technical details of the March, the mission is carried out smoothly as planned, “and the piece of equipment that is currently in”good condition.””

China has already sent an astronaut into space, was launched with a mission months ago, and landed a rover on Mars is one of the most prestigious awards in the fight for supremacy, it is.

The united states and Russia are the only countries that have reached, in March, and only the first one to drive a rover on the surface.

Several times in the united states, Russia, and Europe, the landing of the rover on Mars last year, have failed, most recently in 2016 with an emergency release of a joint Russian-European Schiaparelli spacecraft.

The former is a successful arrival, came in February, when the AMERICAN space agency, NASA, landed in their Perseverance rover, which has been studying the planet ever since.

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