Realme Laptop computer, a Tablet that is Arriving Along with the Realme, GT, 5G Phone, on June 15, the Teasing

The Realme GT 5G is all set to launch a global event on the 15th of June. Along with the phone, Apple is planning to launch a new laptop, and tablets, to extend the portfolio, to a new category.

In a new teaser, Realme’s CEO for India and Madhava Sheta, provided further information on the arrival of the new devices.

The Teaser implies that the notebook pc and the tablet is going to be presented at the global launch of the Realme for the GT.

According to rumors, the laptop computer, which is called the Realme of the Book, and the tablet will be called Realme Pad.

Sheth took to Twitter to announce a new kind of ‘product-category’, together with the fact that to run Realme GT-5G, on the 15th of June.

His tweet reads: “We have worked with, and pointed to a number of exciting new product categories. Another surprise are ready for the global #realmeGT campaign! I know you’ve already guessed it. The response to give your answer.”

The photo attached to the tweet to have the word in the center, where the letter “T,” if you look closely, you show photos of what appears to be the laptops and the tablet computers.

The global launch of the Realme, GT, 5G is scheduled to take place on June 15, at 5: 30 pm eastern time.

More pics of Realme Book to a laptop computer that was in the past, is likely to be one of the early ageing of the Web design.

It should be noted that it has an aluminum body, and a screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The speaker grille is at the bottom of the hole for the ventilation system.

Around the screen, there is a thin frames, and on the Realme website.

A leaked image of the Realme Pad is indicative of a narrow profile, the side, the sharp edges, similar to that of the iPad Pro, and with a slight protrusion of the camera module. The same thing can be seen in the latest teaser.

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