‘That Backfired’: Mark Zuckerberg Explains ‘Lizard’ See Live Chat

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has finally described his viral ‘lizard appearance’, explaining that he was trying to discard the paparazzi with an act that went back dramatically. Zuckerberg last year snatched an electric surfboard while on a family vacation in Hawaii.

However, that is not the reason why the chief technology officer became infected and became the subject of numerous Internet invitations. This photo shows Zuckerberg standing on a surfboard, but his sun-painted face attracted everyone’s attention.

The image sparked a monument when people compared it to the Joker, Queen Elizabeth I, and Mrs. Doubtfire, most often Zuckerberg was a “lizard man”.

A year later, Zuckerberg on Wednesday finally explained why he had installed so much sunscreen that day. In a live interview with Instagram head Adam Mosseri, entitled, “As long as the world continues to evolve, memes continue to roar”, Zuckerberg responded to the question, saying he had seen the paparazzi following.

“I was like I didn’t want him to see me. So, what I’m going to do is put some liters of sunlight in it,” he said.

However, Zuckerberg went on to admit that it was not really his well-planned plan. “But that set you back. And I had to think it over carefully before I did, ”he said, laughing. He also added that he is a person with light skin so he used a lot of sunscreen to keep his skin healthy.

Zuckerberg may have tried to disguise himself as someone else, but the fact that his efforts fell short does not need an explanation. “It’s all good to have a sense of humor. I’m glad people can laugh at it. I’m laughing at it,” he said.

He also said that was a “sun too” sun. “No one should wear so much sunscreen.”

Zuckerberg then went on to say, “There has been something very wrong with me. So, if someone wants to send a sun-meme meme, that’s fine. I’m happy to make the Internet laugh.”

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