Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections – How can I form an alliance to get rid of corruption, asks Seeman

Mr. Seeman talks about the idea of ​​competition alone, social justice, Dravidian ideas, the ideas of Hitler and Mussolini, and his young supporters of conspiracy theories.
Naam Tamilar Katchi coordinator, Seeman, is running in his second Tamil Nadu Assembly election, and it will also be the third single party election in all 234 Parliamentary constituencies. While the party received 1.1% of the vote in the 2016 Council elections, it received 3.9% in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The team also competed against each other with the aim of being another team in the Dravidian teams, especially the DMK. Mr Seeman spoke to The Hindu about the concept of individual competition, social justice, the ideas of Dravidian, the ideas of Hitler and Mussolini and his young supporters of conspiracy theories.


This is your third choice when you participate alone. How long do you plan to enter the competition alone? Don’t you feel tired of using resources without winning seats?
Why do I feel tired? Is winning the election all that? When Vaiko broke up with DMK, there was an uproar and an uproar when he joined the alliance. Vijayakant also had a similar protest when he joined alone and it only ended after he joined the coalition. Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamool Congress contested alone and lost twice. Did he not become the Prime Minister twice after that? I want to eradicate corruption, how can I do that in line with these groups? Why do I need to keep up with Islamic organizations? I will donate a Muslim seat to my party. Don’t have any ideas for meeting Dravidian organization and its ideas? He challenged the ideas of Dravidian and the parties strongly. Assembly Elections
The Aryan-Dravidian division is a fictional, fictional story. (Tamil poet) Navukkarasar says ‘Aryan Kandai Tamilan Kandai’, not Dravidan Kandai. Tamil is a race, Aryans are a race. Who are the Dravidians here? South Indian languages ​​came from Tamil. Dr. Ambedkar states that the Naga people originally existed on the continent and that the language spoken by his ancestors was Tamil. Caldwell lists languages ​​from the language as Dravidian. The Brahmins coming to South India are called the Dravidians. However, they (Dravidian ideas) repeatedly stated that they opposed the Aryans. When did they oppose the Aryans? They just surrendered to them. I am constantly asked: Who are all Tamil? Can they explain who the Dravidians are? M.K. Stalin said ‘Tamil Kudigal’ at a public meeting in Tiruchi. Why didn’t he mention the Dravida Kudigal? He says 75% of jobs will be reserved for Tamil. Why not name the Dravidians instead? Assembly Elections

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