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‘The Kashmir Files’ Extends Its Global Footprint To Israel With Its Release On April 28

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri's 'The Kashmir Files,' a film with a big impact, has transformed people's perceptions by introducing an unspoken but extremely sensitive issue...

Israel provides third-line Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to at-risk adults

Israel said on Sunday it would start by handing over to a person with a weakened immune system a gun to protect the gun...

Israel: After 12 years Netanyahu’s rule ends!

Israel-JERUSALEM: Naftali Bennett was sworn in as Prime Minister of Israel on Sunday. With this, the tenure of Benjamin Netanyahu, who had served as...

Fоreign tоurists in mоre thаn а yeаr lаnd in Isrаel

They were welсоmed by Tоurism Minister Оrit Fаrkаsh-Hаkоhen, whо sаid: "Yоu аre the first Foreign оf whаt I аm sure will be mаny tоurists...

Israeli Prime Minister ‘Misses’ #IndiaStandsWIthIsrael While Thanking Countries For Their Support

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has left Indian supporters of Israel as he missed mentioning India's name in his tweet, thanking various countries for...

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