Israeli Prime Minister ‘Misses’ #IndiaStandsWIthIsrael While Thanking Countries For Their Support

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has left Indian supporters of Israel as he missed mentioning India’s name in his tweet, thanking various countries for their support of Israel amid ongoing conflict with Palestine.

An Indian group claiming to be zealous Israeli supporters has been working for #IndiaStandsWithIsrael since the conflict began. However, the way India is ignored in Netanyahu’s official tweet seems to have shocked them.

The Israeli prime minister wrote on Twitter this morning with flags of countries he may have intended to thank. The list included countries such as the US, Canada, France and Brazil among 25 other countries.

Finding the Indian name missing from this link, people began to remind Netanyahu of the praise and support the Indians showed for Israel. They have asked the Prime Minister of Israel to mention the Indian name on the list.

Some people seem to have got really angry.

Some people seem to find it funny.

Meanwhile, some tried to justify Israel’s official stand.

There are some Israeli officials, who have thanked Indians for their support. 

India and Israel have a close relationship. Relations have grown significantly since Prime Minister Modi took office. In 2017, he became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. The two countries face each other as strategic partners. In 2018 the Prime Minister of Israel also visited India.

Ron Malka, Israel’s Ambassador to India, has expressed his sadness at the death of an Indian man who was killed in a rock attack by Hamas.

He later announced the arrival of the body of the deceased in India.

Only the Israeli Prime Minister knows the idea after not mentioning Indiaโ€™s name in his official tweet, thanking my countries and Israel for now. The move, however, did not seem to go well with some Indians, who were looking to gain acceptance by gaining support from Israel.

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