Israel: After 12 years Netanyahu’s rule ends!

Israel-JERUSALEM: Naftali Bennett was sworn in as Prime Minister of Israel on Sunday. With this, the tenure of Benjamin Netanyahu, who had served as prime minister for 12 years, came to an end. Right-wing party leader Yamina, 49, was sworn in on Sunday after securing a majority in parliament. Previously, 60 members voted for and 59 against, out of 120 members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. During this time, one member was absent. The new government has 27 ministers, nine of whom are women.

Parties of different ideologies have formed an alliance for the new government. Among them, there is also a party representing the Arab community with the right, the left, the centrist. Mickey Levy of Yes Etid Party was elected Speaker of Parliament. 67 members voted in favor.

Earlier, Bennett announced the names of his government’s ministers during a speech in parliament and meanwhile supporters of Netanyahu, 71, also interrupted. Bennett said he was proud to work with “people of different views” amidst the turmoil of lawmakers from rival parties.

Parents were from America, Naftali established himself as a leader
New Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is a former tech entrepreneur. He is a very wealthy person and the owner of a property worth millions of rupees. His parents are not from Israel but from America who settled in Israel. Naftali Bennett then began to make his mark as a politician. He is recognized as a very right-wing politician. He has always been in favor of taking full control of the West Bank.

Naftali was previously in government with Netanyahu. Talk about
Naftali’s political career, he was previously in government with Netanyahu. Bennett worked for Netanyahu as a senior assistant between 2006 and 2008. Later, their mutual relations deteriorated and they left Likud. Bennett joined the right-wing national religious “Jewish Home Party”. After that, in 2013, Bennett reached Parliament as a representative. It supports the historical and religious claims of Jews in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

The troubles of the Palestinians will not be reduced,
now you must be wondering what will be their attitude towards the Palestinians, so let us tell you that they are known to take a strong stand against Palestinian extremists. They say these extremists should be sentenced to death.

After Naftali becomes prime minister, it is believed that the problems of the Palestinians will not be reduced. On the contrary, it is also possible that the peace talks will also come to an end. But what will be the image of the future, it will be known in times to come. Bennett said in a recent statement that he is more to the right than Netanyahu but that he will not use hatred or polarization as a tool to advance politically.

Formation of a Palestinian “suicide” for Israel
in a 2013 interview, Bennett cited long-standing United Nations and Arab League proposals for a two-state solution as the only path to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. was rejected. He said the creation of a Palestinian state would be “suicide” for Israel. He said in 2015 that even if the world puts pressure on us, we will not kill ourselves willfully.

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