Sushmita Sen Writes Reflective Note on ‘How the Human Spirit Conquers All the Time,’ During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Sushmita Sen took to Instagram to talk about COVID-19 and how the human spirit always wins over all challenges.
Coronavirus Second Wave has shaken India. Hospitals and crematoriums have been demolished, and funerals have taken place in parking lots.

“I sympathize with the people who are struggling to breathe once … who are mourning the loss of their loved ones… who are struggling to make a living… the plight of the daily wage workers … all of our health heroes and volunteers are constantly fighting,” Sushmita wrote next to his photo. However, he wrote that the human spirit overcomes all challenges. “And yet, the human spirit wins EVERY TIME !!”

He mentioned in his book that in these difficult times people help one another and do not care about differences.

Sushmita urged everyone to stop playing the alleged game. “Let’s not waste a minute playing a game of blame, in that moment, it could be better used to do everything possible to save lives. All life is precious… we must not be accustomed to a reduction in the number of deaths. ”I salute you all who do little … it saves more lives than you will ever know !!! ”

The actress also highlighted the importance of unity, writing: “Each person has our own challenges, some stronger than others… but, go over this… HELP… TOGETHER !!! they remain in my prayers and thanksgiving in my heart !! Soooooo proud of you people !!! I love you on the other side !!!

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The actor did little to help people with oxygen cylinders. A few days back, he sent an oxygen cylinder to Delhi from Mumbai. He wrote on social media about the lack of oxygen in hospitals across the country. He wrote, “This is very painful… The oxygen problem is everywhere. I was able to arrange a few oxygen cylinders at this hospital but I have no way to get to Delhi from Mumbai… please help me find a way.

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