Super-8 Cricket- When 8 runs were found for hitting six

Super-8 Cricket Tournament 1996: There are many such stories in the history of cricket that you will be surprised to know. Have you ever thought that a cricket team can be made up of eight players or that eight points can be given for hitting a six? Must be funny to hear. But today I’m going to tell you such an interesting anecdote. In fact, once such a cricket tournament was also organized, in which only 8 players were included in each team and 8 races were given for six. It was a unique but interesting experience for all.

Super-8 Cricket Tournament

it was held in 1996. In the history of cricket, a unique tournament was held in 1996, which was named Super-8 tournament. It was held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Many teams including India, Australia and Malaysia participated in this tournament. The peculiarity is that all the participating teams landed on the field with 8 players. Apart from that, there was another rule that 8 races were given for six. Other than that, each game was 14 overs.

India also lost to Malaysia
although this tournament was very interesting but it did not go well for India. You will be surprised to know that the Indian team also had to face defeat against the Malaysian team in this tournament. If you think the Malaysian squad will be very weak, it isn’t. In fact, many great Sri Lankan players were playing in the Malaysian squad. This is the reason why Team India could not register a victory there. This tournament was won by the Australian team.

The tournament was very exciting.
By 1996, cricket had become very popular in many countries around the world. This is the reason why when this tournament was organized, the fans appreciated it very much. Another thing was special that the best teams in the world also took part in this tournament, which included teams from Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

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