Sunil Gavaskar told the reason for the defeat in WTC final

Sunil Gavaskar- India missed another good opportunity to win the ICC title in recent years due to their loss in the WTC final to New Zealand. Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has explained the real reason behind the loss in the final to New Zealand. Sunil Gavaskar said India failed to show the required restraint in the recently staged World Trials final against New Zealand.

Gavaskar called the weather on the final day of the WTC Finals good for the game. Gavaskar said: “The atmosphere was nice on the last day of the game and the sun was also rising. But the Indians who took part in the game at limited oversight did not show the required restraint in the test.”

India’s second round was grouped for 170 points in this game and New Zealand had a goal of 139 points up for grabs. Gavaskar said: “The kind of restraint and shot selection required in such an environment has been demonstrated in both innings of New Zealand captain Kane Williamson.”

Williamson hit well in both innings

Gavaskar says the stick at Southampton should have been done like Williamson. The former veteran cricketer said: “Williamson showed how a batsman has to play shots in such an environment. He hits like he knows how to play here and that is how all batsmen should play.”

The WTC final between India and New Zealand was affected by the rain. India had decided to enter the field with two spinners in this match. However, this bet by Captain Virat Kohli did not work out. Due to the rain the field had become very useful for the fast bowlers and India clearly missed a fast bowler.

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