Summer break in Delhi, Schools to remain closed till June 9

Schools in Delhi will remain closed until June 9 due to a major surge in the Coronavirus case in the national capital. Delhi has organized summer holidays for all public, assisted and private schools. Summer holidays that were to fall from May 11 to June 30 are now scheduled from April 20 to June 9.

During the holidays, school principals are authorized to call holiday workers in accordance with the requirements of any school-related work that oversees the proper conduct of COVID, said the Directorate of Education, Delhi in an official notice. Employees who are called to work during this period will be able to obtain credit leave earned in terms of CCS leave law, in accordance with DoE law.

Delhi had previously announced the closure of gym classes in all schools and had instructed them to start online classes in a new course session from April 1 in digital mode.

The Delhi government has enacted a week-long ban until April 26. The national capital has received a record number of cases involving COVID. The confidence level in Delhi shot up to 29.74%.

Schools in Delhi were closed in March last year before being closed nationwide to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. While several provinces slightly opened schools in October, the Delhi government allowed schools to open students to 9 to 12 practical and corrective courses.

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