Students demand cancellation of examinations of AKTU

Students at universities across the country have called for their exams to be canceled amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since last week, many states and central councils have canceled student exams, declaring student health and safety a priority as the country battles the second wave of the coronavirus crisis. University students said concerns expressed by states for board exams also apply to their semester exams.

A large number of students from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) jointly raised their voices, on Twitter, demanding that exams be canceled due to poor internet connection.

A large number of students from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) jointly raised their voices on Twitter, demanding cancellation of exams and promotion of students to the next level, as it is almost impossible to appear in the online test due to poor internet quality. connectivity, especially in rural areas.

Anshul Kumar, a student said, “There is a huge network problem with us. I was unable to attend the online classes properly. Whenever I tried to join the online course, it would automatically disconnect due to the poor internet connection. Under these circumstances, it is almost impossible to take the exams online. “
Another student, Harikesh Maurya tweeted: “Sir, please promote all the students because I and a lot of other students live in rural areas and the network connectivity is poor. We can’t attend online classes finished, which is not enough for the university to hold exams for the entire semester. ”
In a similar tone, Satya Shri also tweeted, “Promote all the students because we are not ready for the online exam. Only 30-35% of the program is complete thanks to online courses, so how are we going to pass the exam? Therefore, please promote all students in this pandemic situation. “
Priya Chaudhary’s tweet reads: “To solve the objective questionnaire, thorough knowledge is essential. But in a short time it is not possible. So it is unfair to conduct the exam in this situation. “

Shivamsh Tiwari asserted that we are not robots that can cover a 6 month program in a month without proper classes. “It means you all encourage cheating.”

Another student, Ajay Singh, is now asking the university to reimburse the exam fees. He said there is no offline exam, so the university would have to reimburse the fees. “We paid Rs 4,100 for a semester exam. The university collected ₹ 41 crore from a lakh of students as a result. Where did that money go?” he said.

Taking a shot at AKTU, student Shiva Kumar said: “The university which is unable to correctly report results online will now conduct exams online.” He further added that MCQ questions for the first time could impact their results.

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